MPI Certification Program

This online Certification program is designed for HR, OD and Consulting / Coaching professionals to become certified and licensed to deliver teaching, reflection and consulting processes and apply our tool Management of Paradox Indicator as an initiator of learning dialogues and leadership development. There are no prerequisites. In today’s world there is an increased awareness of complexity, ambiguity and contradictory values and demands, it is vital to utilize paradoxical thinking and a both/and approach to address your most strategic challenges and opportunities.

Based on research and many years of consultancy experience, we know that leaders, teams and organizations that manage to think and communicate in terms of paradoxical and complex messages outperform those that don’t. The course will introduce you to paradoxical thinking and working principles as well as a user guide to the tool MPI. The certification course is for you to support and facilitate leaders who work to leverage strategic paradox, wicked problems, team- tensions, dilemmas, etc.

The aim of the 4 day certification course is to introduce you to a useful working tool – the MPI - as well as to ideas, exercises and teaching approaches, where dialogue, reflection and development is on the agenda if you want to support leaders in becoming more innovative, agile, and profitable immediately and over time.

The Course:

The course duration is 4 days from 2 pm to 7 pm

It takes place as an Online Zoom Workshop Sessions on the following dates:

All times are UTC +2 - Central European Summer Time (CEST)

What you get:

Program Agenda

The course consists of four online sessions, as described below.

Session 1: Paradox leadership theory

Appreciate complex challenges and opportunities and see more of the whole reality. Identify paradoxes in organizations, try out exercises, approaches to teaching etc.

Session 2: Role paradoxes

Get to know your own personal role paradoxes and train consultancy dialogues following MPI assessments

Session 3: Assessing

Utilize the MPI – Management of Paradox Indicator tool to gather a picture of the current leadership focus of the test person.
Prepare training period between session 3 and 4

Session 4: Examination and learning

Session 4 is the day where you present your experiences with the tool, results, and the subsequent dialogues – and we will discuss how to work with the MPI tool in your paradox leadership training sessions / coaching sessions / search and selection etc. You are required to participate in all 4 of these sessions – and also to demonstrate that you are able to use the tool and apply an appropriate paradox mindset onto your assessment dialogues.

Afterwards: Integrate Management of Paradox indicator into your context & practice